This is Trashy

There are people, believe it or not, who travel from all over to come to Harrisburg and ride the Cache River State Trail.  The obvious place to start would be the nice parking lot and bathrooms where the trail originally started located in Harrisburg.  For some reason there is always trash located here and it tends to get cleaned up once a week.

I was skating by the trail head yesterday and a family was sitting at the bench eating pizza, drinking fountain sodas and getting ready to have some candy for desert.  When I skated back by 20 minutes later they were gone, but they’d left their pizza boxes, soda cups, candy boxes and dirty diapers behind.



Imagine you’ve driven hours to ride the cache river and this is what you arrive to.  Hmm, these folks from Southern Illinois are trash, they’d probably be thinking, and for the most part they’d be right.

Besides the trash there has been an epidemic of broken bottles in another section of trail, always in the same place and usually several bottles of somewhat expensive liquor.

I suppose instead of complaining about it I could take a trashbag down there next time I skate by and clean it up.

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1 Response to This is Trashy

  1. mrhargis says:

    Sadly, this happens all too often around here. There was probably a trash can within 5 feet of the bench too. It is very irritating.

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