Sunday in St. Louis

IMG_0398Shauna and I went to the St. Louis Zoo Sunday and monkeyed around.  HAHAHAHA

It was the perfect zoo day and we spent about 4 hours looking at animals.  Shauna’s favorite part was the sealion show.

IMG_0416When we left the zoo Shauna went the to Art Museum and I skated the 6.5 mile trail around Forest Park.  It was quite an experience.  I skate on our rail trail in Harrisburg several days a week, but I never understood when I read people discussing their problems, but now I realize what all the folks who complain about multi-use trails are talking about.  In Forest park there is a paved and painted bike path that wraps around the park and running beside it pretty much the whole way is a chipped running/walking trail.  There were quite a few walkers and joggers on the bike path when the jogging path was right there, and quite a few folks who had stopped and parked their bikes on the trail.  Those were just minor problems though and I really enjoyed skating the trail.

skate_feetI skated very hard and went a bit faster than my normal speed, and near the end I was feeling it.  I lost my footing near the end of my skate crossing a road while a few bike riders approached.  I was wearing my knee pads and did zero skin damage, bounced back up and kept going throwing a thumbs up sign for the concerned cyclists.

IMG_0197IMG_0479After our skating adventure we drove around until we found the big Good Will outlet store.  This was a weird experience.  The huge floor in this buiding was covered with bins, each bin was filled with crap.  Docked at nearly every bin was a customer, most wearing some kind of hand protection digging through the bins of crap.  I jumped in and started digging exploring under broken vacuum cleaners, smashed televisions, mangled printers,  dismantled cradles, and heaps upon heaps of clothing.  I found nothing, nothing but trash.  Shauna found a very nice Columbia brand sun hat which would probably cost 20 bucks in REI.  It doesn’t appear to ever been worn.  Since they charge 79 centers per pound her hat was nearly free.


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One Response to Sunday in St. Louis

  1. Steve says:

    Welcome to the fun of MUPs! I think they are just fine as long as you adjust your attitude to be like yours. If you’re not in a hurry, not trying to set a personal best, and are willing to share the space with others, then trail riding can be very enjoyable.

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