Motion Computing LE1700 SSD Installation

Lets go the Hardware lab!

Lets go the Hardware lab!

My Motion LE1700 has been getting alot of use since I started taking classes.  It has been a very useful tool for note taking in my Anatomy and Physiology class.  It was a minor catastrophe the other night when I accidentally kicked the computer.  The computer was in standby mode and leaned against my coffee table where I had dozed off on the couch.  When I got up my foot yanked the cord which cause the computer to smack the coffee table.  It was such a minor blow that I didn’t even consider it, I just left it on the coffee table in standby.  I dropped my M1400 table from 3 feet on a concrete floor and it wasn’t hurt.

The next day when I tried to wake it up it crashed and nothing could get it to move past the BIOS splash screen.  I had a hunch and unhooked the hard drive.  I was then able to acess the BIOS menu and boot off a flash drive.  Looks like I need a flash drive.

The Kingspec SSD comes in a nice box!

The Kingspec SSD comes in a nice box!

The LE1700 for some crazy reason uses 1.8 zif drives, but fortunaitly so do many other tablets and laptops so replacement hard drives aren’t hard to find on ebay.  I decided since I needed a drive to spend just a little more money and get a SSD, or solid state drive.  A standard hard drive uses spinning platters and read write heads to save information.  SSD are like the storage in a USB flash drive.  No moving parts to break will be a big benefit for a tablet PC that’s on the move oh and it should be faster, and it may even use less juice.

The cheapest SSD I could find was 52 dollars, 32GB Kingspec.  Kind of sad I’m replacing a 80GB drive with a 32GB.  Here’s how it was installed.


the old HD and caddy


It’ll take more force then you think to pull out the cable.


Opening the package voids the warranty? What kind of warranty is that?


Lift the long black latch to remove the cable from the old drive.


Insert cable in new drive with black tab in up position then lock down.


The old rubber bump guard should fit good enough.



It took about 30 minutes to install windows 7 off a super fast USB drive.  After using the tablet for a week with the new drive I can say that it feels smoother and faster.  Its not radically different, but it feels more like the response I get on my desktop.  The battery seems to last a little bit longer but I can’t prove it.  Boot time is lower, but I’m not sure by how much.

Many people commented on how hot the SSD gets but to me its cooler then the spinning HD it replaces.  The LE1700 isn’t exactly a powerhouse machine so a faster hard drive might not make that much difference anyway.  My concern was durability.  I’ve broke 2 Hard Drives in tablet PCs in the last few years, hopefully this one will last.

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