The Time I Almost Went Ice Skating

IMG_0023A pattern is forming in the last few weeks.  nice warm and dry days throughout the week and cold and rainy weekends.  I just got in a road ride this evening, it was around 80 degrees, sunny, breezy, and great night to ride.  I found a pair of plyers on the road, ROAD SWAG.

Funny story.  Saturday morning I got me in a little 20 mile ride in the rain then Shauna and I went to the nearby city of Evansville IN. Now the deal is that ever since I took up rollerblading I’ve wanted to try ice skating, and there happens to be a ice rink in Evansville.  Shauna wanted to do some shopping over there and enticed me into going by bringing up the ice skating.  I was like cool!


As we drove I began to think about my situation.  Shauna categorically refused to ice skate herself.  I think ice skating for a guy is acceptable if you’re on a date, practicing for hockey, or an olympic level figure skater.   Since I didn’t fit into any of those categories I was beginging to have doubts.  Shauna didn’t help matters when she brought up the Saturday afternoon skate session would be mostly small children.

Eventually she asked me if I’d brought my sequined outfit and I was really starting to regret the whole thing.  I didn’t want to be the weird old dude skating with a bunch of kids. We pulled into the parking lot and I looked through the large plate glass front window.  I saw a many little girls in fancy skating outfits and peeled out of the parking lot.

I suppose it was an over reaction, when I checked the schedule it became obvious that the kids were leaving the begginers freestyle dance session that had just ended, but who knows, I could be typing this from the hospital with a broken coccyx.


By the way, I now know that the Quadracepts refers to the 4 muscles that extend the lower leg, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermedius, and Rectus Femoris.  Spelling doesn’t count on my test so those may not be spelled right.  In fact I’ve learned so much about the human body in the last 3 months that my brain had to dislodge everything I know about  Early American Art History, I can no longer recall the name of the guy who painted all those Indians, oh wait that was George Caitlin.  Well I can’t remember the guy who painted Paul Revere.

George Caitlin, Chief 4 Bears

All this learning has really cut into my blog time, sorry about the lack of content lately, I know everyone’s dying to read more of my exciting adventures.

IMG_0015Speaking of adventures, my riding pal Adam took his new mountain bike to Glendale with me and a we met some guys to go riding Sunday.  It was wet, like one of those days where every rock, stick, and bit of exposed dirt is damp, slick and mucky.  Things were going well, but I had a flat, then Adam’s bike broke, then I had another flat, we decided to just push our bikes out of the woods.



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3 Responses to The Time I Almost Went Ice Skating

  1. Dale V. says:

    Hey Matt, Too bad you didn’t give it a try. Of course yes, it would be better if Shauna shared in your experience. That way you could laugh with (or maybe more accurately “at”) each other. Like in-line skating, you want to make sure you have skates that fit well. This might be hard to do with rentals, but who can afford to go buy a decent pair of skates just to try it out. Just keep going back to the skate counter until you find a pair that fit o.k. I recommend hockey skates, just because I feel they offer more support than figure skates. No, you don’t have the toe pic, but since you skate in-line, this should not be a problem. Besides, too many people starting out rely too much on the toe pic to get going. Like I said, with your in-line experience you shouldn’t have a problem. I’ve played hockey (both in-line and ice) for years, and I really enjoy skating. Hopefully the next time you have this opportunity you’ll give it a shot. Be careful though, if you get good enough to slap a puck around, hockey can be very addicting. GO BLUES!

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    thanks Dale, maybe next time I can rent a stick so I don’t feel so awkward.

  3. rlhoover says:

    ROAD SWAG is good. I remember finding a five pound hammer on the street one day. I had a time of it getting it home. I was without panniers, etc. and just stuck it under the spring operated back wheel rack. I had to pick it up more than once on the way home. I still use it!

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