Lance Herbstrong? and the Rattle Trap

Well it looks like Lance has found something to do with himself, he played drums for a band called “Lance Herbstrong” while they were playing a show in Austin.  It seems Lance Herbstrong promotes drug use so Lance fit in with them real well.

In other news last year when  I replaced the bottle cage RivNut on my Cannondale I had to cut the old one off and it fell into the frame.  I haven’t thought much about it even though it causes an annoying rattle on every bump.  I recently cleaned my bike and decided that it was time to see what I could do about the rattle.  I thought the downtube was open into the  Bottom Bracket Junction.  I removed the crank and then the bottom bracket cup and found that inside the BB lug there was only an opening into the seat tube.

Never one to give up I started searching around in there to see if there was anything I was missing. I crammed my finger into the opening and found that there was no way to access the inside of the down tube.  To my surprise I couldn’t extract my finger from the frame.  I had to yell for Shauna to come out and pour oil into the bottom bracket lug.  Eventually I was able to slide my finger out of the hole.

Shauna thought I was going to have to call the fire department and have them cut my bike off my finger.  I was like, I’ll cut my finger off first!

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4 Responses to Lance Herbstrong? and the Rattle Trap

  1. Lance Herbstrong Where do you come up with this stuff? ; )

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    Well there is this guy who sends me awesome links everyday.

  3. Now, if it had been me responsible for getting you extracted from your bike, it would have only happened after photographic evidence had been obtained!

    Glad you didn’t have to cut either the bike or the finger.

  4. Matt Gholson says:

    I was actually a little freaked out, I spent several minutes and endured some pain trying to pull my finger out before I yelled for help. Right as the finger finally came out I thought, dang should have got a picture of this. Was going to do a reenactment but I was worried about pressing my luck.

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