Littering Racers

This Sunday is a big race,


but if some environmentalists have their way several of last year’s top 30 won’t start the race this year.  The problem?

Tossing wrappers and bottles.  Many of those in the top 30 were caught on camera tossing bottles and gel wrappers near the end of the race.

This is just bizarre to me.  Sure littering is bad, but this seems a  bit draconian to me.  I’m sure that the riders will be able to start the race, and I’m certain the environmentalists have “started a dialouge” about littering during a race, but…

I’m quite certain that 95% of all water bottles are picked up, to either be kept as souvenirs or to used to hold water. Plastic gel wrappers are ugly, but is this really such a big deal?

My thought is that the fans on the roadside produce far, far more litter then the riders ever could.

Imagine you’re a domestic in the middle of a Classic Road Race.  Your jumping curves, dodging wrecks, riding at 100% to hang on to the tail of race, oh and, DON’T FORGET TO COLLECT EVERYONE’S EMPTY BOTTLES AND WRAPPERS.

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1 Response to Littering Racers

  1. Steve says:

    Here’s the problem with Do Gooders: there is no end to doing good.

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