New Glasses

IMG_0049I took a couple of good rides this weekend, got in a ride with Mom, Dad and Luke.  Luke rode with us for about 30 miles then continued on to the other side of the state.  His Divide training plan said he needed to ride about 100 miles and camp out then ride back.

A short funny story from Saturday.  I was doing some maintence on my bike before the ride and ran into a few problems.  I put on a new tire on tube and the moment i had it back on the bike it blew off the rim, odds are good I left a small part not seated, or maybe I over inflated it?  Either way it blew up a brand new Continental Tube and ticked me off.  Then I decided to put on a new chain.  I couldn’t get the master link to come free so I just used my chain tool on the old chain, but then I couldn’t the new master link to close.  I struggled with it for awhile then my Dad showed up.  He was like, didn’t I show you how to do that last year?  Then move the link to the top side of the chain and put a little pressure on the crank and it popped into place.

IMG_0051I rode Sunday with my buddy Adam and we did Williams Hill, it was the first time he’d climbed it and he did real well.  Its a killer climb, the first time I tried it I came close to blacking out.

Both days I wore my new glasses.  I’ve been wearing prescription glasses for years since I flunked a vision test when renewing my license.  I didn’t wear them while riding but realized seeing the details on the trail was a pretty big benefit while mountain biking.  I wear sunglasses many days in the summer and I always wanted a pair of prescription sunglasses for road riding, but didn’t want to spend the money on them.


Now this is going to sound like a shameless plug, but I swear I’m getting nothing out of it, just wanted to share it.  I bought some transition lens eye glasses from  You must know your prescription and you don’t get to try the frames out before you buy them, but I got these glasses with transition lenses for 25 dollars plus 5 dollars shipping.  I had purchased a pair of regular prescription lens eye glasses for 9 dollars from there as well and have been real happy so far.

IMG_0054The transition lenses so far have been great and big Aviator frames worked well for cycling.  If you need prescription eye wear then this could be the answer for you.

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