Spring is Finally Here

IMG_0037The weather finally cooperated for me this weekend, beautiful sunny and warm days were given to us both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I rode with Mom and Dad, AJones, and Snake.  I had planned out a 55 mile route that was about half hills and half flat.  We left at 7AM and enjoyed a slight tailwind was we rode East.  This was Snake’s first real ride since returning to the bike.  He’s put 1700 miles this year on a trainer riding an hour a day 7 days a week, but he found out that riding the trainer and riding hills don’t correlate   He did very well though on a ride that was really too difficult for someone coming off of years not riding.  I’m sure his baggy sweatpants weren’t helping his cause much in the strong wind.  He made it up all the hills and fought a ferocious headwind back to Harrisburg.  I forgot to take my camera on this ride.

Sunday morning it was warm and windy and I was able to get out and skate on my rollerblades with new wheels.  I felt pretty awkward and my feet hurt, but after a few miles and tightening the skates a couple times it started to feel better.  I did about 7 miles with an average of 9.5 mph which pretty much what I was doing when I quit 4 months ago.  Told my mountain bike pals about rollerblading and they said they’d like to do that but people would see them.  I explained I went at 5:30 when people are still asleep.



Sunday afternoon took me out to the Ruby for a mountain bike ride with some of my shawnee mountain bike association friends.  The Ruby is one of the best trails in the Shawnee, it contains some blazing fast smooth flowy sections that you can rail, and it has some super rugged rocky areas that are hard to get over.


IMG_0039A bit of twist was thrown in Sunday; the forest service was burning a section of trail we call the “Back Nine.”  Spring burning is very common practice in the Shawnee and I’ve rode through an area being burned one other time.  This must have been a much larger burn and weather conditions were keeping the smoke near the ground.  It was filling the hollows and appeared like fog.  Fortunately it wasn’t thick enough to really cause us any problems, but riding the back nine was out of the question.  I was the only person who tried and it was like something from a movie.  The ground and deadfall were burning everywhere except for the trail.


It was a great weekend and I look forward to more.

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2 Responses to Spring is Finally Here

  1. James C Wise says:

    the hardest part of being a roller blader is telling your parents you’re gay.

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    hey you used that last time I posted about rollerblading.

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