Save the Date – Crappy Weather

Couple of important dates for area riders wishing to have a good time.

March 30th – Dirty South Redux, same time, same location, same route.  We were shut down by cold rain the first time, but the weather is looking great for a gravel ride.

April 6th – Return of the Snake:  A laid back century with Snake me and whoever else wants to come, very flat route, easy and fun.  Expect around a 15 average and taking short breaks around every 15 miles.

IMG_0002Much of the country discovered winter was hanging on  through March this year.  I woke up to snow on the ground Sunday morning, though we were lucky and had less then an inch.  The weather has been a real challenge this winter.  I checked my Strava recently I’m  about 300 miles off from last year at this time, but way farther down in hours.  That is mostly due to last winter being so mild.  It’s much faster to get 15 miles on the trainer than it is to get that on the road.  In fact you don’t even really get any miles on the trainer.

Dos Niner by the green waters of Bay Creek

Dos Niner by the green waters of Bay Creek

I did manage to have a mountain bike ride Saturday.  I missed the start time and then lost the trail of those who I was following and ended up doing my own ride.  Every time I bounced off a rock, got hung up in a hole or had to dismount and walk over a huge fallen tree I screamed at the forest I couldn’t wait for road bike season.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, the upcomming forecast is looking to be in the balmy mid 50s!  To prepare I ordered new wheels for my inline skates.  Looking forward to getting back on some small wheels.

Watched the E3 Prijs Harelbeke race.  It’s the first World Cup race in Belgium and kind of the season opener for the Classics.  It’s a not a huge race but it’s special for me because a few years ago it was the first time I realized racing could be watched online other then the Tour.

It was awesome to see 5 men from Canondale working like mad to drive their man Sagan across to the elite break.  IT was even awesomer to see Cancellara motor away from that elite break and hold everyone off to get the finish line.  Hope Radioshack has a good year, they deserve it.

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