Dirty South Postponed and Jason’s Real Mountain Bike Ride

We often pride ourselves on our crazy weather here in Southern Illinois and this weekend is a great example.  Yesterday I hit the trails in nearly 70 degree weather.  Today we had a mountain bike group ride in 60 degree weather.  Tomorrow, the day of the Dirty South ride there is 100% chance of snow, ice, rain, and temperatures right at freezing.  Pretty crazy.

Because of possibly unsafe driving conditions, unsafe riding conditions, and just the simple fact I don’t want to go ride in the middle of an ice and snow storm we’re postponing the ride until either next weekend or the weekend after.

My friend Jason came from Ohio for the ride and to also do a mountain bike ride with us today.  It was his first, “real” mountain bike ride and it was a pretty hardcore one.  20 miles of technical trails, “countless” creek crossings and no JC there were so many of them that they couldn’t be physically counted, at least not my fingers.  Jason started out hanging back a bit and getting used to mountain biking but by the end of the ride his technical skills were far improved.  

IMG_0087It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, near the end of the ride when attempting to navigate a particularly tough creek crossing I flipped my bike over and fell in the water, the rocks provided a nice landing, but unforuntaetly I landed on my, or actually my wife’s camera.  It got a big dent and it got wet.  It’s sort of working, though the display just flashes random noise. it is kind of taking pictures.


IMG_0080 IMG_0081 IMG_0082 IMG_0079 IMG_0083

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1 Response to Dirty South Postponed and Jason’s Real Mountain Bike Ride

  1. Steve says:

    Uh oh. You neglect to mention where you are now sleeping, or perhaps you have successfully avoided the topic of your wife’s camera with your better half!

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