Harrisburg Wins, Dirty South Heating Up, Bent Saddle, Long Trainer Ride

How about a big ol’ multi post since I’ve got much to talk about.

Harrisburg won the Illinois Class AA State basketball Tournament, first in our school’s history.  I’m not a big “team sports” guy but this is still a big deal and apparently there is more to the story.  The matchup was between Harrisburg and Seton academy from Chicago Illinois.  The game was rough there were lots of fouls, some technical  one player from Seton was ejected when he touched an official.  But the real story is that when Seton’s players were being given their 2nd place medals some players apparently discarded them with disgust and their coach took them off the floor leaving their second place trophy behind.

So a tiny town from the backwaters of Southern Illinois takes Chicago’s Seton academies trophy… I guess they couldn’t believe they’d lost, maybe they had never been taught how to lose properly?  Anyway, no need to let those trolls get us down, congratulations Bulldogs.

In cycling news this weekend’s Dirty South 100K is looking to be AWESOME.  Looks like we’ll have a large group, I’m getting contacts with riders as far away as Ohio!  The weather is looking good, the route should be fun and challenging, this is seriously a ride you don’t want to miss.

IMG_0056I got in a short mountain bike ride Sunday on my own.  Last time I rode my Dos Niner at some point it made a sould like metal breaking, luckily it was just my saddle.  I had forgot this Sunday and rode 11 miles of trails and gravels with a massively bent saddle.  Funny thing is, I had no idea until the end of the ride when I noticed how messed up my saddle looked.


I completed the new Sufferfest video, “Blender” this evening.  I say completed because I had attempted it once and had to stop early.  This video is 1 hour and 40 minutes, and was extremely challenging if done properly.  I snuk a few extra recoveries when the coach wasn’t looking.


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One Response to Harrisburg Wins, Dirty South Heating Up, Bent Saddle, Long Trainer Ride

  1. Steve says:

    Sounds like the boys from Chicago (and more importantly their coach) think the refs took the win from them. Not a very good lesson in sportsmanship.

    As an aside, I found your comment about team sports to be interesting because I am almost completely on the opposite side of the coin from you. I have very little interest in individual sports (cycling comes closest and that can best be described as “tepid”) and find team sports to be very compelling.

    As for the saddle, Ouch!

    Good luck with the ride this weekend. Looking forward to your report!

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