A Real American Hero

Thanks to Mike who sends me interesting links I read this piece by Mike Magnuson about Greg LeMond.  Magnuson was a cyclist and English professor in Southern Illinois for awhile but has moved on to greener pastures after writing the book “Heft on Wheels.”

In this article Magnuson addresses an article he wrote a few years ago about Greg LeMond for bicycling magazine.  The article was more about the author than LeMond, he had apparently drove his life off a cliff, he left Southern Illinois, and from his disjointed personal web pages the best I could tell he was bumming around the country playing drums for unknown dive bands.

I remember reading the article in question when it was originialy printed in Bicycling, I remember thinking, “What the Hell Mike, this is more about you self destructing your life than Greg LeMond?”  It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like the article, I really did.  I liked the way that Magnuson connected the way he’d wrecked his life to the way that LeMond had seemed to self destruct his fame within the cycling world.

As I’m sure you know Greg LeMond went toe to toe against Lance, and lost.  That’s what made Lance so powerful, he was like an all consuming mob, he commanded legions of followers and it seemed like he was unassailable.  Those who opposed him were sued into silence.  When Greg LeMond went against Lance and doping he turned from one of America’s greatest cyclist into that angry old cyclist guy who is just jealous because Lance has so much money and is so famous.  So funny how the tables have turned, Lance is destroyed and they are talking about LeMond being the next president of the UCI.  Turns out LeMond is the true American HERO!  I’d vote for him!

JC and the LIVESTRONG truck.

JC and the LIVESTRONG truck.

Speaking of mobs, I did a ride in South Dakatoa a few years ago and there was a LIVESTRONG GANG.  A real life gang of middle class dudes who were seriously ate up with everything LIVESTRONG.  These guys had like Livestrong bikes and every article of clothes they wore said LIVESTRONG, and they drove around a LIVESTRONG truck, and they hung out in the park drinking Michelob Ultras and listening to Sheryl Crow, they were like cultists in the religion of Lance.  This was in 2008, everyone with a brain knew Lance doped, I personally didn’t care because I know everyone else did too, I also knew he was a huge asshole which was what bothered me.

I remember laughing but being really worried JC would get us beat up by the LIVESTRONG gang when he was making fun of them.  I wonder if those guys buffed the LIVESTRONG off their truck and threw their little yellow bands away.  I wonder whatever happened to all those little bands, I bet you could build a the worlds largest sling shot with all those and launch the LIVESTRONG truck into space.  Lance could continue telling lies to Oprah as she interviews him from orbit.  The ratings would be huge!

Thanks Mike for the link, and thanks Magnuson for addressing the article, and Luke not everyone who likes Sheryl Crow is a tool!


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3 Responses to A Real American Hero

  1. luke says:

    Cheryl crow is my epo……

  2. James C Wise says:

    everyone who has a yellow band should get to stretch it out nice and long and pop lance in his ball.

  3. Steve says:

    Just got around to reading this the day after I wrote a piece about LeMond. Honest, Matt, I’m not copying you! 🙂

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