Lake Boot Repair, Magic Healing Water, Gates Belt Drive

IMG_0001 These Lake winter boots are some of the best footware I’ve ever owned, They are about 8 or 9 years old and have seen way too many winters of riding.  Last year the heel cup ripped and sole separated from the upper and I had almost thrown them away.  They had broke before but never this bad.

IMG_0002I rode mountain bike Tues and Thursday last week and both times it was very cold and the limiting factor on both rides were cold wet toes.  It’s difficult to find an area to ride where there isn’t at least one deadly creek crossing. Thursday’s ride was the final straw.  I rode with Eli and Joe and we took the Jeep, or the Maserati as we call it.  In Summer there is no better way to get to the trailhead than the Maserati, but in winter…  with cold wet feet after the ride it leaves a little to be desired.  I bought some Shoe Goo and duct tape and repaired them.  I’m glad to say that after two weekend rides their still solid and mostly water proof.  Feet were much happier.

IMG_0014Our adventures took us to High Knob on Saturday and disaster struck in the first few minutes when a rider slipped on some slick mud and fell down an embankment several feet.  He hyperextended his fingers and had to take it easy for a while, but we eventually arrived at the healing springs and he was able to soak his hand in the natural spring water bubbling up, from that point on he was right as rain.

The Black duct tape made a good repair

The Black duct tape made a good repair

I had a flat and in repairing it lost a brake pad from my rear brake, did a majority of the ride with only a front brake, which was fine because we all took it easy on the downhills.  The last 2 miles are a hilly but gravel path with about 450 feet of climbing and I decided to go all in.  I rode way, way to hard and while I didn’t get cramps I did end up with really sore legs the next morning. 6.4 average for the 2 mile section and with all the climbing I’m happy.

Eli's ripping the Snow Cone trail.

Eli’s ripping the Snow Cone trail.

Eli says to hang loose.

Eli says to hang loose.

Sunday took us to McAnnelly creek where we rode a mix of old and new trails.  I tried a similar up hill attack like the one I did the day before.  About halfway up I hit mud and found myself slowing to a near crawl and watched as everyone rode around me while I flailed around trying to make my bike go forward.

Eli rode his new Spot Rocket Gates belt drive single speed bike both days.  He was tearing it up on that thing.



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