Mystery Shrooms

IMG_0883So I went out in the cold to ride some trails today.  At first I was like, SWEET WINTER FREEZE.  As you can imagine winter freeze are the trail conditions that result when ground freezes up hard, very fast riding.  I found out pretty quickly that the conditions weren’t quite winter freeze, more of a semi-frost.  Constant freeze thaw cycles turn wet ground into a frozen sludge which felt slower and harder than riding in mud.

IMG_0882So I struggled though a loop and arrived back at my car, my toes were telling me it was time to pack it in but I decided to ignore my toes and keep riding.  Now here comes this strange part, a dog that running about 20 meters  in front of a van, or it would be strange if I hadn’t seen it almost every time I park on Gossage road.  Usually dogs are chasing cars, not cars chasing dogs, but this guy likes to take his dog on walks by driving his van while the dog runs in front of it.

The driver of the van proved to be a friendly chap who wanted to talk mushrooms.  I told him I had hunted eatible mushrooms one time and found a single mushroom in 3 hours of searching.  He told me he’d found a great deal of wood ear mushrooms the other day and gave me a couple of tips for finding mushrooms before we parted.

IMG_0884I did a small loop and when I got back to my car found a couple of strange fungi sitting on the roof.  Are these the Wood Ear mushrooms he was talking about?  Did he put them there?  Do I dare eat these mystery shrooms?  I want to enjoy the delicious flavor of the wood ear, but I don’t want to die from eating poisonous mushrooms, or worse fail a drug test.

The mystery fungus

The mystery fungus

Hey speaking of drug tests, (see what I just did there) Lance popped back up in my google news headlines.  I’m sure you know he’s going to Mother Opera to confess his sins and seek redemption.  Personally he’ll be redeemed when he rats out the UCI fat cats whom he bribed and tears down the machine.

katie_comptonHey speaking of machines, congratulations to Katie Compton for both winning the World Cup series of cyclo-cross and the US national championships last weekend in Wisconsion.  Congratulations also to Johnathon Page for his win on the men’s side.  I tried to watch the race but the production was so bad and the track so slow I couldn’t.  I switched to the Belgium National Championship.

Even though I couldn’t understand a word of the Flemmish? the commentators were speaking it was still much more entertaining than the American announcers in Wisconsin.  To be fair in Belgium the National ‘cross championship is kind of like the superbowl, the production is excellent, seems like they had like 10 cameras covering the race.

Production values aside it will be an epic battle in Louisville in 3 weeks when Katie Compton and Marianne Vos face off for the World Championship!  I hope I’m there.

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