Riding Til’ it Hurts

IMG_0823I made no resolutions or goals for the year, just figure I’ll ride until it hurts.

Hiking in the snow on Tuesday, did some sufferfest videos on the trainer Wednesday and Thursday, repeats on Williams Hill Friday, 18 miles on trails Saturday, 10 miles on Sunday.     On Monday I was really, really sore.  I walked around the house like a zombie, sore from the riding and going over the bars.  Fell down the basement steps and jammed up a couple of fingers.  Horrible day.

IMG_0825Felt better today, did a bit of riding out at the Double D, took my bow saw and cut out a couple of fallen trees.  Lots of snow on the trail and even the gravel laden surface of the Double D was soft and slow.

Some of my mountain bike buddies traveled to Georgia to challenge themselves at the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial.  Pretty awesome, Lee hammered out the 34 mile course in 4:06, over an 8 mile an hour average and Moe wasn’t very far behind.  The course is tough, lots of climbing, lots of single track, lots of rock gardens.


These are guys I ride with on occasion.  Sometimes I don’t realize just how good the crew of riders around here are, it took me 5 years and 50 pounds just to be there to see them ride away from me up a hill.




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2 Responses to Riding Til’ it Hurts

  1. Ezra says:

    I haven’t done a lot of mountain biking, but it really seems like I’ve got to start!

  2. Jim Russell says:

    I have been lying on the couch and eating for the last 4 weeks; first bike ride in the spring will probably be a short one.

    Feeling guilty now, may try to exercise tonight.

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