HDR photo, skating, iphone, T-shirts, and stuff

Standard pre-skate pose.

Big evening for me here, I just sold my first Mountain Bike T-shirt on ebay.  Just selling one has left me with the notion that I’m not completely wasting my time and in fact I might actually do some good with all the time and effort I’ve been putting into silkscreening.  Next project is a Barn Door Cycling Logo shirt.  Soon as I figure out what that logo is.  More to come on that.

Been posting some of my all time favorite photos I’ve taken on my art blog this week.

Last couple mornings on my sunrise skate I’ve taken some pictures.  Yesterday with my iphone and today with my Canon 10D SLR.  Hey am I not the person who said he’d never own a cell phone, and didn’t I write a piece about how I hate Apple products?  Why yes I did, and I still do.  I didn’t buy this phone, it was found in a ditch on a bike ride.  The phone was locked when I found it.  I charged it and left it by the window figuring someone would come and get it.  2 weeks later when no one called it my friends convinced me whoever lost it probably already had another one through insurance or they would be making an effort to find it.

My new Mountain Bike shirt.

I unlocked the phone, which deleted the user information and have been using it for music and strava ever since, that was about a year ago.  It’s a pretty amazing device, and I have to admit that if I was going to have a cell phone I’d want it to be an iphone.  I’ve argued with people that cell phone cameras are useless but I was surprised how good the iphone camera was.  I noticed yesterday that it had an HDR mode, and since I wrote a post about HDR photography the other day I thought I’d try it.  It didn’t work.

To make a real HDR image I took my Canon 10D with me skating.  I placed it on the bridge railing and took 5 images of bracketed exposures.  I fed those images into photomatix software and it produced this picture.

It’s not rocket science but its a little more time consuming then pointing and shooting.

Haven’t wrote about Lance yet, but a post about him is formulating in my mind.  Rode with my brother for the first time the other day and we talked alot of Livestrong and Lance.  My brother is a big fan.

I’m going to drop a gallery of some of the last two morning’s skating images.  Many of them are experimental, so yeah.  Thanks for checking out the blog today.


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