It’s Cold and a Photo Secret

There was ice on my windshield Saturday morning.  Spent the day with some of my fellow Shawnee Mountain Bike Associates cleaning trails for the upcoming Fat Tire Fest.

Standard pre-ride pose.

Went on a ride yesterday with Snake and my Mom and Dad.  I had to break out the cold weather riding gear: Long sleeve jersey, knickers, hat, shoe covers.  I was still cold, but it was a nice ride.  Snake got out his Trek 5500 for the ride and was trying to adjust to the uncomfortable road bike position after riding his mountain bike.


Snake was warming up to the aggressive road bike position

This photo baffles me, Mom’s face is exposed about right, but her hat is blown out. Like a beam of light only hit her hat.

Standard pre-skate pose.

Went skating this morning from my house around 6 AM, charged up my light, but probably would have been OK without it as it was starting to light up.  I was hoping that skating could replace jogging as my morning exercise and I believe that it can, its better to stake that early in the morning since the trail and roads are mostly deserted.

Finally today a little photo secret.  Digital photos often hold far more information then they display and they tend to do this in the deep darks that our monitors often don’t handle so well.  I skated across the bridge over the Saline Creek this morning and had to stop and watch the sun rise over the creek.  The mist light up and I was like, dang better take a photo.  The iphone camera offered no exposure adjustment, but it wouldn’t matter, no camera has the dynamic range of the human eye.

Straight out of the camera, but I did light up the rail with my headlight.


With a little photoshop finagling I was able to unlock the hidden information and make a much more interesting photo.  The proper way to do this is use a tripod and take about 3 exposures within a 4 stop range and feed them into software that throws out the blown highlights and shadows to create a composite image.  This is called High Dynamic Range photography.

Shadows lit up, created some noise, might be a little less with a real camera, and it would definitely be sharper.

One more



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One Response to It’s Cold and a Photo Secret

  1. rlhoover says:

    Right, get out the cold gear. Regarding pics, all I do is point, shoot, and sort ’em out later. You’re blessed to ride with your mom and dad.

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