The Bike Money Couldn’t Buy

The world’s most valuable bike?

Snake is known to say some crazy stuff, like his long-standing claim that he owned a bike that money couldn’t buy.  The bike in question is an 80s Raleigh Record, not exactly top shelf, but decent steel frame.  This bike has spent the last ten years mounted in his trainer.  He claims that he had many offers to purchase this bike and turned them all down and he wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money, I find the claim to be dubious.

that rear housing is pretty worn.

Snake has cycling fever and intends to start training and keep it going over the winter.  He brought the bike over to my house yesterday because when he tried to ride it in the trainer he found it wouldn’t shift gears.  I applied my wrench skills and deduced that the problem was the shifting cables.

I asked if the bike had sentimental value, he said it didn’t, just bought it used at a rummage sale.  I wanted an explanation of what made it so valuable.  It just fits in my trainer real good, and I like riding it on the trainer, he explained.

this front housing is worse.

When I started putting a little pressure on his claim that no amount of money could buy the bike he said, “Well I wouldn’t sell it for a hundred dollars.”

I replied, “Would you sell it for 500 dollars?”

“Well yeah but what kind of idiot would give 500 dollars for this?”

“But you would sell it for that, correct?” I quizzed.

“Yeah,” I might, but I might feel too bad about ripping someone off so bad?”

“Well lets just say, this is the bike that no reasonable amount of money could buy,” I clarified.

“Sure, but it doesn’t have such a good ring to it.”


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Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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One Response to The Bike Money Couldn’t Buy

  1. Bear says:

    Snake tells me you are quite a whiz with a wrench, I’ll have to keep that in mind because I’m sure at some point I will jack something up

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