Hiking at Heron Pond

Shauna and I did what I consider a long walk and what she considered a stupidly long walk yesterday.  We parked at the little known Wildcat bluff and walked to Heron pond which I explained was only 4 miles away, without really considering it was 4 miles back.  The actual overall area we were in is the Cache River State Natural Area, its connected to the Tunnel Hill State Trail which runs about 50 miles all the way back to Harrisburg.

The trails we walked on were more like dirt and gravel roads, so the walking wasn’t too hard, but it struck me that the whole trail system should be opened up to cycling, it was all mostly covered in gravel anyway.  If we could have been on bikes we would have seen the entire area in about half the time.

Our trip wasn’t without adventure, we came across a spooky old cabin, a precarious river crossing, a railroad crossing, a champion oak tree and the Heron pond boardwalk.  Good times.


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One Response to Hiking at Heron Pond

  1. Jim Russell says:

    I have hiked many of the trails in Southern Illinois; mostly hardwood forest. The Cache River area is definitely a unique area with its swaps and cypress trees. Looks more like southern Louisiana than Illinois. Seen a short film at the state park; apparently the wet lands were quite vast at one time in Southern Illinois. Farmers drained much of the land a long time ago for agricultural.

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