LANCE! and A Big Time at Frank’s Tract

Was this guy USADA’s key witness?

I feel almost obligated to say something about Lance, I mean this is a cycling blog and Lance is like the only cyclist that most people know.

I remember a family picnic back in like 2006 or something when Lance was in the news because those godless Euros were accusing him of doping again.  A relative said, “They’re just jealous, there’s no way he cheated.”

I replied by saying, “Oh he cheated, they all cheat, but in cycling if you don’t get caught its not actually cheating.”

I followed the Tour de France in writing for years and started watching live video streams for the last couple that Lance won, now they are telling me that all doesn’t count?  The one that Landis won doesn’t count, the one that Contador won doesn’t count, Rasmussen might have won in 2007 if he wasn’t kicked out, who knows maybe Frank Shleck would have magicaly learned how to time trial this year and won if he hadn’t been kicked out.

Maybe the whole thing should be scrapped from 1998 on, when it was discovered that the Festina team had a organized team funded doping system in place?  Perhaps all the results from the Tour de France should be considered provisional and all the pee and blood can be kept on ice until some time in the future when it can be scientifically analyized?

So thanks to the USADA the past is safe from doping, Guniess will have to update their world record books, the Tour de France wikipedia page will be edited, millions of people in late August will stop and scratch their heads because they thought Lance had retired and that the tour usually ends in July.

Now on to more important things.  I went on a mountain bike ride today’ it was like a legends of the Shawnee reunion because several riders made an appearance we haven’t seen in a long time.  We had 12 riders a few of them have only ridden mountain bikes a few times, but because they have great road bike fitness they had no problems with today’s ride.     It was super fun, but I think I may have went a little too hard because I’ve been laying in bed for the last 5 hours.

Lets just roll the footage.


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