US Pro Challenge is great racing

I’m proud that Cycling is a world sport, I think its awesome that we’ve got riders from South Africa, Russia, Ireland, Columbia, Japan, all competeting against eachother, but I’ll readily admit I’m biased when I watch racing, I want to see Americans.  If no Americans are in the race I don’t get as excited about it.  That means the US Pro Challenge has got to be one of my favorite races of the year, it’s pretty much dominated by Americans.

I’ll also admit that there is a quality to European racing that is almost impossible to match anywhere else, but the Pro Challenge is getting awful darn close.

First off my ol pal JC has often commented that American racing is dull, the roads are too wide, the scenary is too domestic and fields lack much firepower.  I hate to admit it but for the most part he’s right.  I tried watching some of the Tour of Utah and it may have been just the part I watched but it just seemed like they rode down wide, straight, flat interstate-like roads all day.  I know there was serious climbing, but it just didn’t look that great.

I’ve ridden around Durango and Montrose Colorado once and I can attest the roads there aren’t flat, not too straight, and the scenary is breathtaking, sometimes it translates well onto the small screen and sometimes it doesn’t but it does seem like American roads are just much better made then the European roads.

Something else that the Euro racing has US doesn’t?  Fans, well that was until Tour of California and US PRO CHALLENGE.  This is seriously rivalling “le tour” for fans, this is awesome.  I want to see crazy people running along the road with the bikes, lining the climbs, making a tunnel, and standing 10 deep at the finish line.  To all of the fans that are making the Tour of Colorado the greatest ever bike race on US Soil, I salute you!

As far the competition I’ve been on the edge of my seat for all three stages so far.  Attacks and breakaways, Dave Z riding so hard he throws up, what else could you ask for.  I mean really in what other sport can you see a competetor throw up on live TV then complete the race, oh and then the next day come out and do it all again.  If it wasn’t for Dave’s selfless sacraficing setting up all these moves for Garmin they wouldn’t be dominating like they are.

THe best part, I’m a fan of everyone, TeeJay wins, Awesome; Danielson, sweet; Leipheimer, Cool; Chris Horner, I’ll be jumping up and down on the couch.

Oh the real best part, its free, you can watch it for free online,   Thanks radioshack, as long as you continue to sponsor cycling you’ll stay relevant!

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2 Responses to US Pro Challenge is great racing

  1. Scandinavian says:

    As a european, I’d also like to thank Radioshack for providing the possibility to watch US Pro Challenge online. Otherwise I would not be able to watch it in Europe.
    Unfortunately we’re in Europe still very much focussed on the Classics and Grand Tours. I watched the Tour of California online, and it really was a shame that it was not broadcasted to Europe, as it was a great tour with a magnificent scenery.

    Europeans will also notice this at some point, thanks to the internet, and as you wrote, Radioshack.


  2. James C Wise says:

    do what now? tour of who? it’s time for the vuelta!
    I love the spanish riders! and the basques! try to say this name: INTXAUSTI, Beña
    I’ll take Contador, rodriguez, froome, gesink, valverde over an american any day. (I could only find 2 americans in the whole mix and they’re 40+ minutes off the lead. (danny pate is one)) except for davy z, he’s cool. and TJ, maybe. but, he’s just a pup. tour all over the rockies if you want. I won’t watch it.

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