Inline Skate Fail

Five days ago I was on this ride and someone who I consider extremely wise started talking about inline skating for cross training.  If just some random person started talking about inline skating it would have went in one ear and out the other, but with this guy it stuck in my head.

Four days ago I noticed my drive train performance wasn’t very good, shifting wasn’t great and even just felt sloppy.

Three days ago I checked my chain with my 5 dollar chain checker tool, guess what, it was way worn out.  I usually put a chain on every spring and I did that this year, but I realized I hung my touring bike up in March and haven’t got it down since.  Almost every mile I’ve ridden in 5 months has been on my CAAD9.  That’s probably close to 3000 miles.  Time for a new chain.

This is why I don’t think 16 paired spokes is a good idea in a back wheel.

Two days ago Luke calls and wants to take a 100 mile century ride the next morning.  I’m like heck yeah.  Saw my friend Drew later that day and he asked me to take this wheel to Carbondale next time I go, don’t see too many wheels like this so I thought it warranted a picture.

The villian of today’s story.

Yesterday Shaundo and I went on a big trip to Carbondale mainly so I could get a chain.  On the way there as we always do we checked out the Goodwill store, where I saw a pair of Nike Inline skates.  Now I see inline skates at thrift stores all the time, they usually look like they were designed as props for the movie TRON, basically complete junk.  These looked like real sports equipment.  I expected them to be 20 bucks or more, but they were only 8 dollars and my size. I had to buy them.

After I got my chain we stopped by a large retail store with a humongous empty parking lot.  I had to try the skates out.  Did I mention I haven’t used inline skates since I was like 12 or something.  But I should also mention that I’m a fairly proficient skater thanks to many skate party field trips.  So you’re probably expecting that I crashed and broke myself.  Well you’re wrong I never crashed.

I was wearing sandals and Shauna says its a sin to wear socks and sandals.  Digging around my car I was able to find one sock, I put on the skates and did a few circles around the car then some larger circles in the parking lot, probably all together skated ten minutes.  I ignored the slight pain I was feeling in my sockless foot.

I took off the skate and had 3 blisters, 2 small, one huge.  The huge one was incredibly painful.  I’ve had blisters before, no big deal.   I poured some alcohol on the blisters, it was perhaps the third most sharp and intense paint I’ve ever felt.

Today I left with Luke for the BIG CENTURY RIDE.  The blisters hurt, worse than I thought would, but I figured I could tough it out.  20 miles in I pulled the plug and took a short cut home.  I maxed out my yearly quotient of one legged drills on the way home.  It was bad.

The victim.

So next time you get a strong desire to inline skate without socks, do yourself a favor, just say no.


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2 Responses to Inline Skate Fail

  1. Steve says:

    Nice. The inside of those rollerblades must be lined with sandpaper. I’ve marched all day and not had feet that nasty. Then again, I was wearing socks. I had no idea how important they were!

  2. mrhargis says:

    Sorry that you didn’t get to finish the century. Looks pretty painful! Looking forward to seeing you at the Kiwanis ride this coming weekend.

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