My thoughts on the Tour and stuff cyclists say

Well its now been two days with no Tour de France and I’m feeling the withdrawal.  I kept trying to log into the tour tracker yesterday and today I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the 5 hours a day I’ve got back.  Here’s some of my thoughts on the 2012 Tour de France.

Can you imagine setting on the side of the road like this while some jerk takes your picture, then some other jerk finds it and puts it on his blog.

First week crashes:  Thomas Voeckler spoke out against radios, saying that the riders were being screamed at to go to the front and there is only so much front.  Makes alot of sense.  The accepted fact is the there will always be lots of crashes in the first week, the only defense is to ride in the front, maybe if everyone wasn’t trying to occupy the same 100 square feet of road there wouldn’t be so many crashes.    I hated seeing Garmin get slammed by the first week crashes and Danielson crashing out before the mountains.

Frank Schleck:  Oh geeze, a diuretic turns up in Frank’s pee, is a masking agent or perhaps he was poisoned.  Ironic since Frank didn’t even seem to want to be at the Tour without Andy.

Radioshack:  Without a clear rider one of the strongest teams was hanging tough in the climbs but doing little else, would have liked to see them coalesce around one of their riders, maybe launch a few attacks.

When you’ve got time after crossing the line to put on a one man play you’re riding strong.

Peter Sagan: Wow, I watched him seemingly ride away from everyone in the Tour of California and thought, he won’t be doing that in France, well unless it was a nice flat sprint he just rode away then gave us a sweet victory salute.  Did I mention he rides a Cannondale!

King of Mountains: Voeckler is quickly becoming my favorite rider, I think a lot of it is show, but damn he puts on a show.  While Wiggins and company looked like pedaling robots, Voecker is all over his bike, neck crooked, flopping around, back of the peloton, front of the peloton, attacking, falling back, if it wasn’t for Voeckler this tour might have almost been boring.

You may kiss the bride?

Wiggins vs. Froome:  After the mountains there was lots of talk about Sky riding for the wrong man, much of this talk could be traced back to other Directors.  If you can’t beat them on the road maybe you can beat them in the press?  Wiggins didn’t look as strong as Froome in the mountains, but he was faster in the time trials.  Ultimately having the two strongest riders in the race on the same team is good for the team, one of them is going  to win, but kind of bad for the event.  This would have been much more interesting if it had come down to seconds on the final time trial with Wiggins trying gain back time lost to Froome.

Cadel Evans:  I didn’t think Cadel would win this year, it was a hard fight last year and some of the strongest rivals had crashed out.  One of the moments I’ll never forget was when he flatted on the top of tack mountain and Van Garderen left him on the side of the road shaking his head.  I have to wonder, was he even trying in the final time trial?  Maybe Teejay Van Gardern should be the BMC leader next year.  He looked very solid,

Next up is the Olympics and I’ve got my money on a certain man from Manx for Gold, a certain Slovakian for Silver and maybe an American for Bronze.

Oh this is some funny stuff here!


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