Sabotage on the Tour, Riding Williams Hill, The S-Card

I’m tellin y’all its Sabotage, some jerk threw tacks on the top of the final climb yesterday.  Caused mass chaos.  Cadel Evans standing on the side of the road while his young lieutenant cruised down the road shrugging.  Wow, a dollars worth of tacks can cause wreck havok on several multi million dollar bike teams, and resulted in one accident which sent a rider to the hospital.  It surprises me the access fans get to the race, but things like this could change that.  Part of the awesomeness of the Tour are the fans, out of control fantatics on the roadsides, without the fans the Tour would be like most races in America, un watched.

Our offical Barn Door fact checker is off to Czechoslovakia for a tandem bike ride in Prauge.  First off I will know someone who has been to Czechoslovakia, thats pretty awesome.  Secondly they will have taken a bike that I helped build to do this ride.  Oh God, they’re in trouble.

I know this doesn’t look like much in the picture but trust me, this is a hair raising descent.

Rode Williams Hill with my Mom the other day, she’s strong.  I’d imagine she’s in the top 5 strongest female riders in Southern Illinois, in fact I’m almost certain she’s got more miles then any woman in Southern Illinois.  I just turned over 3200 miles, in the past that would be a good total for the year.  My Mom’s computer turned over 3200 miles last month.

Ever notice that seemingly everyone rides a 3200 dollar Specialized S-Works SL4 Tarmac Roubaix Superbike but you?  Do you ever see a low end Specialized model on the road?  Ever wonder how all these bikes are paid for?  Check out the S-Card, Specialized biccyle  financing.  Guys when you’re hauling ass at 20 mph in your Saturday morning group ride you need the insane stiffness and lazer handling that only Specialized can offer.  Its not a question of if you need it, and now its no longer a question if you can afford it, guess what, YOUR APPROVED!


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2 Responses to Sabotage on the Tour, Riding Williams Hill, The S-Card

  1. Jim Russell says:

    This happen a year or two ago at a Crit race, don’t remember where. Several racers crashed in a fast curve littered with tacks; one was seriously hurt. I don’t believe the authorities caught anyone. Seems like people are more sadistic than ever, maybe I just notice it more.

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    Well it is said in Roman times vendors would sale stones a the sides of races ror which spectators could use to knock riders off their bikes.

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