Welcome to Harrisburg

Standard pre-ride pose, haven’t done one of these in awhile.

It occured to me that I haven’t been taking my camera on rides much, and even when I have I don’t use it much.  I rode myself into a stupor on Monday so today I thought I’d do a recovery/photography ride and give you an idea of some of the sights on a typical Saline County ride.  So set back and enjoy the photos.


Our tour starts here, the square, it was the center of town long before X-marts came. I’ve always liked the semi-gothic look of the building with the little turrent.


One of my favorite houses in Harrisburg, not sure why.

Harrisburg National Bank, maybe the tallest commerical building in Southern Illinois? Now its clearwave tower, a building like this would never be built in Southern Illinois today.

The Rail Trail has expanded North to Eldorado this year, its a nice little trail and has this bridge.

I have no idea who did this, but I like it!

Muddy IL. home of the nation’s second smallest post office, or it was until they built a slightly larger post office across the street.

Also home of this old Ogara 24 mine temple. I’ve been told its one of only a handful made from solid concrete. When the zomblie apocolypse comes and everything is gone this will still be standing.

FIELDS, we have lots of fields!

South Eastern Illinois College, my alma mater.

STRIP MINES, yes they are back and better then ever. They strip away the dirt to get to the precious coal underneath and sell it for a few dollars a ton. It leaves the land messed up for a few years and eventually becomes interesting little hills and canyons.

Big trucks moving tons of dirt.  Its like a big scale of what me and my brother did when we were kids in the backyard.

Harrisburg from the distance.  By the way, this is why small point and shots aren’t used by real photographers.  Going to take this photo gain with a real camera one day and compare. 

Well that completes today’s tour, I hope you enjoyed the ride.


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6 Responses to Welcome to Harrisburg

  1. rlhoover says:

    Thanks for the ride, Matt. I always enjoy seeing other places on the road. I agree with you on the house. I wonder if white was the prevalent color back then.

  2. James C Wise says:

    it’s tipple, not temple. they tipped cars to unload them. did you have to ride the gravel by willow lake mine? I went by there Weds. on my lunch hour ride.

  3. Steve says:

    A very nice tour, which has given me inspiration for a similar blog post myself. After I shamelessly steal your idea, I will be sure to give you credit!

  4. Matt Gholson says:

    Thanks guys, JC I appreciate your keeping up with your position as fact checker of the blog, your check is in the mail.

    Steve, I was actually stealing your idea, nearly every ride you post is like a historical tour!

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  6. suzecycling says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the idea, and for the post, which I discovered through Steve at There and Back Again. I am also going to steal your (most excellent) idea, and will certainly credit you. Glad to have gotten to your site.

    Happy pedalling,

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