Welcome to July

In the Command Center

Oh Lord its hot.  I mean like today I was trying to help Luke instal a roof rack on his car, it was like 10 O’clock and the sun was burning a hole through my forehead.  I think my brain was starting to boil.  Besides hot its crazy dry, this is a true story I haven’t mowed my yard since May 28th, and you really can’t tell.  Our Independence Day firework display has been canceled and the fine for lighting fireworks is everyone gets to watch your house and yard burn up.

Despite the heat I’ve been seeing a steady stream of cross country cycling tourists comming through town.  I don’t think I could handle it, sure I could get up and ride 50-75 miles before noon but the rest of the day I’ll just sit around and melt.  I’d probably find a Wal-Mart.

Luke and I rode a 132 miles on Tuesday, well I rode 132, Luke rode 175.  I’ve never rode past 108 which I did a month ago with Luke.  My wife say’s he’s a bad influence on me.  The ride was great, I really didn’t feel bad until the last couple of miles.  A long toenail was digging into its neighboor toe, at 50 miles it was annoying, at 75 it hurt, at 100 it hurt bad, and at 132 I wanted to cut the toe off.

My old buddy Snakeman used to say cycling was mostly mental, like if you plan on doing 100, you’ll start to feel bad around 75-80 and finish the ride.  If you plan on doing 50 you’ll feel bad around 40 and finish the ride.  It may not be scientifically sound but it seems to work in my experience.

The Tour started today with a prolouge.  I’m watching it right now and writing this on my tablet.  Watching the Tour is an important part of my July, its basically what July is about.  Get up at 5, ride 20 miles, watch the tour, eat, sleep, repeat.  The Tour is around 3 hours a day, which I will usually watch most of while I do something else.  It’s hard to stay focused the whole time but Phil and Paul make great background filler, until something exciting happens.

I’m calling this Tour for Wiggins, but predictions in tour  are meaningless, I mean making it through July without crashing, without getting sick, without cracking on a mountain or blowing a time trial, there is just so much that can go wrong, thats why Armstrong’s run is so impressive, what are the odds, its mindboggling.  With Andy Schleck and Contador out the climbing may not be as animated but I’m sure someone, HORNER I’m talking to you, can cause some pain.  What about Frank Schleck?  Is he really on great form like it seems, or is he really worn out from too much racing like he says?  It’s a great bluff in my opinion, but it seems to me like there is too much Chaos on Radioshack for a good result.

I get my Tour coverage online from NBC Sports, this is the 4th year I’be bought the web package and it seems to be sharper and work better every year.

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Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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1 Response to Welcome to July

  1. Mike says:

    Hi Matt, Silvey put the pics on the Tour de Corn website if you want to see your “smiling face”. It was good to see your dad and I can’t believe all the miles you guys put in. I read where you mentioned that Snake had said that you will get tired a few miles before you finish no matter what distance you ride. I remember us talking about it a few years back and it is the truth. Good to see you and your family.
    Best, Mike

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