Is Strava responsible for everything in America

Thanks to Mike I get a daily email with all kinds of interesting cycling news, this one caught my attention and left me ticked off.  I’ve written about Strava in the past, I really like Strava.  So this article seems to indicate that Strava could be responsible for every single alley, street, road, highway, trail, basically everywhere you could ride your bike.  I guess they don’t have to worry about the interstate system.

The gist is the article is that a guy was upset that his best time up a climb was beaten, he went out to try to win it back and crashed on the downhill at 40 mph.   The lawsuit is founded on liability, if you’re going to hold virtual competitions on real streets you’re responsible for the safety for everyone that competes.  If this proved to hold water then it would mean game over for Strava.

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  1. Just got home from work and see i have a email from Strava New terms of service, Hmm wonder if this has anything to do with the lawsuit, to much to read right now at 3.15am im going to bed and my Garmin Edge 200 should be here tomorrow hope i can figure out how to use it and Strava!

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