The official Barn Door Response to Lancegate

Well I’ve been reserving my judgement for a few days to stew over the newest Lance drama, well actually strike that, I just haven’t cared enough to write about it.  In fact I still don’t care enough to write about it.  I wrote my opinion on doping and it hasn’t changed.  When everyone is cheating its time to change the rules, or change the game.  I will mention that the fallout from Lance Gate seems to have kept some of America’s biggest names from being selected for the Olympic team, or maybe they just don’t want to go to the Olympics?  I mean the Olympics are a pretty big deal, just ask Samuel Sanchez  he gets to wear a Gold helmet!

Sam’s gold helmet

What I do care about is that Andy Schleck isn’t going to the tour, I was fired up to see him dance his way up some mountains, and I wanted to see him decimate Evans and Wiggins the way they will decimate him in the Time Trials.

What else I care about is that my favorite racer, Chris Horner is going to be in this year’s tour, he was really fun to watch in the Tour of California and I think he can make a run for Radio Shack team leader, or least support Frank, who apparently doesn’t want the job.

Oh and gratz to Cavendish, who proved he can do more than go fast for the last 500 meteres of a race!

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