BRAG Day One

Greetings from Dalton Georgia.  First day of Bike Ride Across Georgia, 48 miles, kind of hilly but pretty easy overall.  I promised myself I was going to take it easy today and did for about 12 miles but then I was passed by a high speed paceline and from there on out I was not taking it easy.  Paying for it now with a mild headache and general fatigue, got to take it wasy tommorow.  Forgot my camera on the ride today try to remember it tomorow

Jason is on the netbook uploading to Strava so his fans can follow his ride, next he’ll tweet about it.

The Civic was sipping gas on the way to Georgia.

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2 Responses to BRAG Day One

  1. rlhoover says:

    The rides are starting! You’re doing BRAG, a couple of friends did Dirty Kanza 200, and Tracy does Ride the Rockies next week. Hope you do well, and I will enjoy the posts.

  2. Chris Haddock says:


    I was one of the ones that said hey to you at the second SAG at 3 state 3 Mountain.

    Did the first leg of BRAG with y’all yesterday as we rode through my hometown and actually right by my house. I may have been that fast paceline that came by you as we were about 8 guys moving good those first 25 miles. My wife and kids were out at the end of our driveway and decorated our mailbox with “Go BRAG” signs.

    Saw you briefly at Dalton HS but couldn’t stop to talk as my wife was there to pick me up. Look forward to following your blog about the ride and hope y’all did ok in all that bad weather last night.

    See you at 3 State next year and I have preliminary plans to try BRAG in it’s entirety next year.

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