Georgia Bound

I’ll be living out of these two bags for the next week.

My bags are almost packed and soon I’ll be riding BRAG, the bike ride across Georgia.  For the first time I’m going on a week-long ride without JC, my pal who introduced me to week-long supported bike tours.  I’m meeting up with my pal Jason for this ride so I won’t really be alone.

I’ll be posting on and off next week about the ride, and hopefully staying dry, though we could use some rain around here.  I’m excited as always but also sad to be leaving Shauna and home for a week, but I’ll be able to call home.

I’m always quick to mention I don’t have a cell phone, but that’s not entirely true.  I found my cell phone, it was exactly where I left it when I finished last year’s ride, unbelievably it still turned on though the battery was almost dead.  I charged it up with 60 minutes of air time for 9 dollars and hopefully won’t need it again until this time next year.

I’ve got a new album to take with me on this trip, and I know no one is reading this for my musical tastes but I wanted to mention Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros newest Album “Here”.  It’s really good, if you like a mix of rock, folk, gospel, psychedelic, just kind of different in a good way.


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8 Responses to Georgia Bound

  1. Have a great trip. I’m a week behind you, and will be heading to Colorado.

  2. Jim Russell says:

    Just curious, are you taking a tent or staying in the school buildings? Apparently you cannot take your bike inside with you, must leave outside. I suppose you will need a good bike lock. Good luck and have fun; take lots of photos.

  3. Steve says:

    Have fun! You’re building an impressive collection of week-long bike tours.

  4. rlhoover says:

    Have a good time, Matt!! I have a track phone that I got a few years ago when I started doing the road. Jan really wanted me to have one, and so I got it. It has not been needed for any emergency, thank the Lord, but I’m glad I have it.

  5. Shawn says:

    Sounds like fun, and Edward Sharpe and the Mag Zeroes are awesome!

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