Stem Swap and Chris Horner is the MAN!

I just finished yesterday’s stage of the Tour of California where they climbed mt. Baldy.  When the coverage started Chris Horner was in a breakaway being pulled by Jens Voigt if you don’t know much about Jens I recommend you check out and learn a thing or two.  Eventually Horner dropped the hammer and crushed everyone in the break except for an ickle Columbian Climber who used Horner’s attack to get up the mountain.

Unfortanitly not just for Chris but all the Americans a young Dane named Robert Gessink decided to show everyone why he is always a favorite to win any stage race he happens to be in.  He dropped every American rider except for the Columbian climbing machine and still managed to nip him at the line for the stage win and probably the tour win.

All I can say is Horner’s attack was nothing short of legendary, its a shame he ran out of gas.

Standard pre-ride pose!

Now back to me, yesterday I did a 50 mile ride with my parents which had my shoulders and neck feeling broken at the end.  Today I did a 50 mile ride with a slight change to my bike.  I put my mountain bike’s 80mm stem on to replace the 100mm stem I’ve had on my bike for a couple of years.

Today’s ride was solo and the pace wasn’t fast, but I did hit some big climbs.  It seemed like the shorter stem took a little strain off my neck.  It was still a little sore from yesterday, but it wasn’t nearly as bad.

My route took me on a road that is really only rideable on Sundays, route 34 out of Harrisburg.  Normally coal trucks run this road so hard that you are taking a serious risk riding it, but thankfully they don’t run on Sunday morning so I get the road almost completely to myself.

My personal photographer snagged this photo while I took a short break in Herod.

I’ve always heard that running too short a stem will affect your bike’s handling in a bad way making it too twitchy.  I can’t say  I could tell one bit of difference.  I think I was sitting a bit higher so I’m sure I was a little less aerodynamic, but I was more comfortable in the drops which should more than make up for that.

The decent North from Garden of the Gods


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4 Responses to Stem Swap and Chris Horner is the MAN!

  1. Shon says:

    Sounds like you had a great weekend ride-wise! I finished the “Beautiful Southern Ride” – and it really was good. They must have learned a thing or two since last year. It was well supported and a large group from Conti Mt. Vernon and the Bike Surgeon showed up to ride. It was my first metric century, so I really needed the support! I need to work on my climbing skills! But, I did really enjoy it, despite the momentary pain. It reminded me a bit of my first half-marathon. I was exhausted when I was finished. Guess I still need to get more miles (and hills) under my belt. 🙂 Still enjoying the blog!

  2. I just noticed you have on a Falconi shirt, i just ordered a shirt and pair of shorts from loves to pedal, wish i would have seen this pic before i ordered was not sure bout the size or how they run, can u drop me a email would like to ask u a couple questions with out boring everybody else!

  3. Steve says:

    I enjoy Sunday morning rides as well. If I have a risky patch of road to take, I prefer to do it then.

    “My personal photographer” is the nickname I give to the 10 second delay feature on my camera.

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