Matt’s T-shirt Design Company

So I wanted to make a T-shirt to celebrate the awesomeness of Southern Illinois Cycling and I had this idea of something kind of 70s looking and went with Mountain Biking.  I offered my fellow Shawnee Mountain Bikers a chance to get the shirt and was surprised how many wanted one.

Production began this morning and the results are actually good.  Now I’m off with Shauna for a weekend camping trip at Fern Clyff State Park, no bikes allowed.  Oh well I’ll put on some feet miles.


About Matt Gholson

Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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One Response to Matt’s T-shirt Design Company

  1. Jim Russell says:

    Maybe you could invent your own design / trademark for a line of caps and t-shirts. “Life is Good” merchandise is basically a stick figure named Jake and the company is worth millions. I would buy a t-shirt from you!

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