The News from Mattville

Super hospital funtime!

Last week I began antibiotic infusions for the wound left by my wrist surgery that has never properly healed.  I spend a couple of hours in a hospital room while an IV diligently squirts out a potent antibiotic.  I was not looking forward to this but have actually found it in some ways kind of relaxing.  Four two hours every night I have no almost complete peace and calm and have no choice but to just stay put with a Kindle and Tablet PC to keep me company and no distractions.

I do miss Shaundo and my evening exercise.  Last week I rode only Monday and have been worried because right now I should be getting ready for the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge.

Yesterday I took a Saturday ride with a couple of guys whose road bikes couldn’t have been more different.  One was riding a heavy steel single speed, the other a Titanium bike with Campy Super Record, and yes, if you’re thinking the guy on the single speed mopped the floor with us you’d be right.

It was crazy windy, and we took a route across the flatlands to get to the hills.  I was actually expecting this ride to be rained out and didn’t really prepare like I should have, but I think even more concerning was the fact that the antibiotic infusions seem to act like a diuretic and perhaps left me a bit dehydrated.  I took 3 bottles of water for the 58 mile ride and ran out with about 6 miles to go.  Last week I had mixed up some special drink (salty koolaid) and drank 2 bottles in a 75 mile ride.  When  I tried to eat on the ride I had a hard time swallowing my cliff bar and ended up throwing half of it away.

We had fought a strong wind for 5 miles of flats and I knew there was something wrong with me.  My neck and shoulders felt close to collapsing, my legs were quivering, my head seemed a bit slow and my rear end was killing me.  The last 5 miles felt as if I had the weight of a 225 pound dumbbell on my shoulders.

A new low, but not one I particularly enjoyed.

I weighed myself after the ride and found out just how dehydrated I was.  227 pounds is a new low, but about 3 pounds of that was missing water and a completely empty stomach.  After the ride I felt worse than I did after any ride last year, I was completely unable to function for about 30 minutes.  Soon I had a ravenous appetite and was eating anything within sight.

I other news I’ve got a new Tablet PC coming from Motion Computing, and this one is actually not an antique, more on that when it shows up.


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3 Responses to The News from Mattville

  1. Keep up the antibiotics and think of Lance. He came back to be the greatest our sport has ever seen. Maybe you’re the next Lance.

  2. Steve says:

    It sounds like you’re doing the right thing – get the wrist fixed so you can get on with taking over Southern Illinois cycling. And the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge. And a bunch of other stuff.

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