It’s all Green in the Shawnee

Oddly enough I didn’t ride much this Easter weekend.  I did spend some time in the Shawnee hiking, and it was an excellent weekend to be in the woods.  Temperatures were in the mid 60s, the trails were dry and there were no bugs.  Went to Garden of the God’s wilderness Saturday and Bell Smith Springs on Monday. Here are the pictures.


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One Response to It’s all Green in the Shawnee

  1. Hey Matt the river to river trail society has a lot of nice hikes, 4-21 Brian Deneal is leading the hike into Max creek, Brian and i are on the RTR trail society my section is from Forest rd to Herod thru the Garden of Gods wilderness, if u want to know more contact me at have u seen the new license plates u can get in Illinois now?

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