Spring Training Report

Well my Spring Training week is over, and I’m happy to say it was successful.  I rode 10 days in a row and accumulated about 250 miles.  Tuesday and Thursday I rode Williams Hill and on Tuesday set a new PR for the long climb, went from a 6.9 average to a 9.2 mph average for the 2.5 mile climb.  Went back Thursday night but didn’t have the same ummph.

Wednesday night I did a fast loop around Harrisburg, I tried to push myself but not too hard.  My goal was a more even distribution of suffering, instead of slam a hill and coast until recovered I tried to keep an even pressure both ways.  I kept forgetting my heart rate strap except for on Tuesday which may account for my higher speed Tuesday night, I was looking at my heart rate and thinking, yeah this hurts but I can go harder.

Saturday was the real highlight of training week.  75 mile route with 4 other guys at a fast pace, average 18.2 mph and only stopped one time so a rider could fix a flat tire.  We were hauling but no one was left behind.  Weather was perfect, but I felt kind of foolish showing up with a light jacket when everyone else was dressed for summer.  Speaking of summer, it was 89 degrees today.  We shattered our old record high today by 8 degrees.

Finally started feeling some fatigue on Sunday, good ride with my Mom and Dad but I had to convince them I only wanted to ride 25 miles, I was really glad to be done.  I didn’t touch a bike today and may take one more day off riding, but I think I’m ready for what the season throws at me.

And the season will be throwing the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge at me May 5th!


About Matt Gholson

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