Spring Training

Post Ride Chilldown.

Lots going on in the world of bicycling right now.  Big races in Europe, and thanks to www.cyclingtorrents.nl I’ve been able to actually watch some.

I’m jumpstarting my own program with a week of spring training.  Tonight was a easy 20 mile spin with Shauna but it’s all uphill from here.  My agenda says I’m going to Williams Hill tommorow after work, and going to return on Thursday.  Saturday I’m planning a long road bike ride.  Got to get things moving.

Had a great road bike ride Saturday with my Mom and Dad and an interesting mountain bike ride Sunday with the East Siders.  Not a bad ride but real muddy, keeping the bike moving forward was a challenge.  We spent time looking for Mushrooms and exploring a watefall we found.

How about I save the thousand words and just post pictures.


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6 Responses to Spring Training

  1. Is that a grave marker? i watch a lot of bike race videos on facebook get updates from just about any race or team, is it bout time for Barn door cycling to have a facebook page?

  2. facebook is just one more way to spend precious cycling time. until they get facebook to display on my bike computer, i just don’t have time.

  3. Jason Armes says:

    Any news on a cool Barn Door Cycling Jersey?

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