Matt Gholson vs. Taylor Phinney

I just finished watching Milano – San Remo and it was a pretty amazing race,  190 miles on the gas.  Congratulations on Fabian Cancellara for pulling Simon Gerrans to the win, but you have to admit just hanging on to Cancellara’s wheel is an achievement.

I just checked my email and saw in my daily Strava report that Taylor Phinney posted his ride data on Strava.  Amazing.

When I click Taylor’s name I can see a comparison between the two of us.  It’s pretty hilarious comparing myself to someone like Taylor Phinney.  Like comparing a Yugo to a Ferrari, but anyway here it is.

As you can see I get blown away in almost every category.  My long slow mountain bike rides this winter have actually gave me a lot of hours riding, but I don’t come close to Taylor.    I do have him in two categories.  I’ve ridden more times than him, because I count short little training rides that he wouldn’t even turn his computer on for.  I also have a longer total climb, which just happens to be the ascent to Newfoundland Gap from Gatlinburg I did 2 years ago, which I can add that I’m listed dead last with slowest time up the hill on Strava!


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3 Responses to Matt Gholson vs. Taylor Phinney

  1. Steve says:

    This post is a perfect illustration between the two of us. I would have titled the post, “I AM BETTER THAN TAYLOR PHINNEY!!!” I would have devoted 99% of the text to the two categories I bested him in and grudgingly mentioned that he may have been better in a few of the “less important” categories. But that’s just how I would have spun it.

  2. maxx powers says:

    would you like to come ride for Big k citrus drop team…….

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