Review: Performance Transformer Jacket

I love a bargain, and I’m not ashamed to wear or use house brand items like the Performance Transformer jacket.  The Transformer jacket seemed like a brilliant idea.  It’s a lightweight jacket cut for bike riding, but wait there’s more:  Zip off the sleeves and its a vest.  Genius.  Unfortanitly I never got a chance to try the transforming capabilities of the jacket because it broke on its 5th ride.

I actually bought this jacket for Shauna but found myself sneaking out with it on a few mountain bike rides.  I was surprised by the fit, it was snug on me and is the largest size they offer, a XXL.  My XXL Izumi cycling vest fit much looser than this jacket.  It fit a bit looser around the tail and allowed easy access to pockets.  The Transformer did a good job of blocking wind and breathing, it was just right for 30-40 degree mountain bike rides.  I liked the color and look of the jacket and the hi-vis contrasted against black makes for very visible rider, but that doesn’t matter much if you can’t zip it up.

Anytime you’re riding in hills, but especially on a mountain bike it’s very handy to adjust the zipper up and down to adjust body temperature.  Unfortanitly the zipper on the Performance Transformer Jacket doesn’t like to be moved up or down.  Almost every time I zipped it up it would become stuck in the inside flap.  Once stuck it would take a serious effort to unstuck it, the last time I wore it when I tried to get it unstuck the zipper come unwound.

I strongly advise to stay away from this jacket.


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8 Responses to Review: Performance Transformer Jacket

  1. 2wheelerme says:

    Thanks for the review on the jacket. i love that you that you snuck out with Shuna’s jacket! Can you sew in a new zipper?

  2. I had the same problem with the Transformer Jacket!

  3. Jason Armes says:

    I’ve had a Transformer Jacket for about 2 years and have gotten good use out of it. Like you said the design is good but zipper does not liked to be moved up or down The zipper got stuck quite a few times but I was able to get it it loose without destroying the it. I try to be careful when I do move it up or down. The sleeve zippers have similar issues. These would be really nice jackets if they had better quality zippers in them.

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