Knob Ride and Harrisburg Updates

One rider was sporting a new Redline Monocog. The color was excellent.

I went to High Knob and met some friends for a ride this morning.  It was 21 miles, good pace and very fun.  I felt pretty good most of the ride, no problems with cramping, bike worked pretty well, mud wasn’t too bad.  Can’t really ask for more.  Last night I went to the grocery store for some ice cream.  I walked by a dozen conversations that were mostly about where they were at 5AM Wednesday the 29th.  There is a buzz around town, people everywhere that I know aren’t from Harrisburg, mostly here to help, some to scam and steal, but only a tiny few.

We followed this ATV for 100 feet, when he finally spotted us behind him he nearly fell off.

My Grandpa, George, always told us that Harrisburg had never been hit by a tornado and never would.  His reasoning was the Shawnee Hills provided us protection.  I knew this theory was far from full proof, but everytime a bad storm passed it always crossed my mind and since we’d never had a tornado I couldn’t say he was wrong.  That comfort is now gone.

This morning as I drove through town on the way to ride I saw a counter protest forming near the funeral home.  Yes, the Westboro Cult of Attention Whores were supposed to be in Harrisburg this morning to picket the first funerals of Harrisburg tornado victims.  They didn’t show.  I didn’t think they would.  I had considered going to join the counter protest yesterday, but after some thought decided against it.  A funeral is no place for a protest, counter or not.

One of the most memorable pictures I took during my tour of the damage was of this lady who had apparently just woken up and stepped out of her house to see her porch gone.

I realized today that other than getting a day off work the disaster hasn’t actually affected me personally, my internet was out for a matter of hours, that was literally the only inconvenience.  I haven’t done anything to help.  Haven’t picked up a single piece of debris.  I did photograph the disaster.  One of the photos I took  ended up in the newspaper today.  I posted several of my pictures hours after the storm to the WSILTV facebook page and several of them were used on the air.  I suppose I raised awareness.

The photo in question was commented on and a person said that was their Grandma and they live 6 hours away.  They were combing the web looking for information and saw her picture so they knew she was OK.  That’s pretty amazing.

This blog had over 3000 hits Wednesday, a record I’m not likely to ever come close to again.

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5 Responses to Knob Ride and Harrisburg Updates

  1. JC Wise says:

    I think people who have never flown think that hills affect the weather. You can fly over Eagle Mountain and not even notice it. Clouds and storms extend into the atmosphere for miles. bumps on the ground don’t count for much. I had heard the same thing about my house. I sit on the eastern side of a hill so I’ll be safe. not true. the video from KY showed those ter-nados hugging the ground pretty good.

  2. Steve says:

    3,000 hits?!?! Criminy!!!!!

    I would say you most certainly have raised awareness.

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