I rocked the Spin Class

I tried spin class at the gym tonight, you know your town is really going somewhere when you get both a new Taco Bell and a Gym with spin class all in the same month. I was the only guy there, along with 7 women. They had one empty bike. I’m really surprised but most of the classes I’ve seen going at the gym have been full. The instructor girl started us off with several stretches while we sat and span, I hadn’t noticed but my wife was nearby on a treadmill and later made fun of my stretching and the girlie music that was playing.  I honestly don’t remember a single song my breathing was all I could hear.   
I’ve prepared a graph showing a recent training session at home vs. the spin class. A large part of the higher spin class HR has to do with the macho effect, but some of it could be poor fit on my Nashbar Touring Bike. I don’t think I have the saddle fore aft quite right on that bike.
After the warmup we did a ladder set of intervals, I realized I might be going to hard when I saw my HR was at 175 and we’d only been going for 5 minutes so I dialed it down a bit. The instructor did a great job keeping things moving and did alot of out of the saddle sets. One 3 minute out of the saddle interval had me just about to blow. We finished with about 5 minutes of stretching off the bike and this is where my weakness really showed. The ladies around me folded up like paper and I was like a board.
About 20 minutes in I had sweat pouring off me and then I looked around and saw that most of the riders didn’t have their saddles anywhere near high enough nor did any of them have a drop of sweat around them. I knew something was up when I noticed that no one was really breathing that hard on the intervals. I started to get pretty nervous, why am I the only one suffering here, am I doing something wrong?  I was very afraid I’d get sweat on my neighboors. 

Another oddity was that I was was also the only one with bike shorts on, The only complaints I heard was how uncomfortable the saddles were. I actually thought the saddles were pretty good, but this was only the third week of classes.

The bikes were smooth and rock steady for out of the saddle climbing but I couldn’t get the tension anywhere near as I high as I can get with my trainer at home. Still enough for a good workout though. I had a higher avg HR in spin class then I usually do at home. All in all, pretty nice.

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2 Responses to I rocked the Spin Class

  1. Steve says:

    I’m guessing the spinners were not avid cyclists and didn’t have the slightest idea how high to put their seat or why lycra can be a good thing. This is why I am reluctant to refer to spinning as “cycling.” I often see people pedaling casually, sometimes reading a book. If I tried to read a book while on a stationary bike, it would be destroyed by the sweat running off me.

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Saddle height is like a litmous test for cyclists.

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