I found an iMac in the trash,

Where it belonged.

Honestly the deal was I was at this place and they had a big stack of monitors behind the building that had recently been rained on.  Closer inspection revealed they were mostly G3 iMacs and a few CRT monitors.  I dislike Apple computers, hell I hate everything Apple.  It galls me every time I hear the generalized term ipod for any mp3 player, and sorry if you’re a mac user, but I’ve always felt Mac’s were for people unable to use an actual computer.  I’m not usually like this, but Macs bring out the worst in me.

I think the thing is that this computer isn’t that old, and with its crazy space age hippie look it still seems relevant, even though it’s hopelessly out of date.  It was out of date when they made it, but it probably cost way more than a decent PC at the time. 

Yes it actually works, despite the light rain.  I plugged it up to my router and got it on the internet, but that’s where my troubles began.  It runs OS X 10.2.8 which I guess is the equivalent of Windows 95 because I can’t find a modern browser that will run on it.  Most webpages either look all wrong or just don’t work at all.  Of course it could be its 256MB of Ram and blistering fast 500Mhz CPU.  Wow this thing sucks.

The pile also contained a couple of eMacs which are apparently much better computers, but they were like 75 pounds and too big to snag.  Maybe I should go back with a dump truck and get all of these.  I did snag a genuine apple keyboard but I couldn’t find that famously bad hockey puck mouse that used to come with this pieces of crap. 

Which leads me to the question why did I even pick this thing up in the first place.  It was free…


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5 Responses to I found an iMac in the trash,

  1. rlhoover says:

    I like your reasoning, it was free. Heck, I take recycle stuff to the free recycle place and then my trash to my daughter’s. The trash service is not free, but I help her pay the trash bill every year and that cuts my cost in half.

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    Just an update: I couldn’t update the OS on this without a DVD drive which it doesn’t have. I could have bought an external one but realized that would be stupid. I sit it near the street in front of my house and it was gone in an hour.

  3. maxx powers says:

    hey cycling matt.. u r sooo cooomputer smart.. im thinkin about buyin smart phone which one do u think be the best for me and fit in my fanepack…My boxing buddy.. ooo whats his name….rocky …thats it… told me get a Iphone well i think he said that he hard to understand..it has a eye of a tiger in it… he told me….. let me know what u think…need one let me play that one bird game thing…which one do U have….your friend maxx

  4. Apple Hater says:

    All Apple products should be thrown in the trash.


    Join Us

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