New Stuff From Tree Fort Bikes

(ed. note, I receive no kickbacks for this post from Tree Fort Bike, but I’d like too.)

There is always a giddy sense of apprehension when a box shows up on my doorstep

Last week mountain biking on something that sort of resembled a trail I picked up a stick which ripped the derailluer hanger off my bike.  This may sound like a big deal but the truth is that it happens so often that many people I ride with, at least those who haven’t switched to single speed, carry a spare derailluer hanger.  I am not one of those people. 

A google search turned up as the cheapest place to source the hanger for my Bandersnatch and I decided while I was at it I’d grab a few other essentials.  I’ve bought from this company once before and everything went well.  They have good prices, are quick with shipping, and they have a really excellent graphic design department.  They also have a really nice catalog to peruse through. 

One item I was in the market for I also picked up was some really awesome socks.  Mountain Bike rides in winter almost always get your feet wet, wet feet at temperatures slightly above freezing are a bad combination.  Many of the veterans wear Gore-Tex socks, but every time I go to order bike stuff I never see a gore-tex sock. 

I found some socks on Tree Fort called Gators and they are neoprene which I thought was waterproof but as soon as I stuck my feet in the shower with these bad boys on I found out it’s not.  Its like foam rubber and it soaks up some water.  Apparently it insulates very well even when its wet, so hopefully they work.  The price was 22 bucks.  Most Gore-Tex socks I’ve looked at are 40-50, I’ll let you know how these work out.


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