2011 Barn Door Awards: Hardest Ride of the Year

And the Winner is…
RACK The Ride Across Kentucky

I realized I could scientifically discover which ride was the most diffucult this year thanks to my Polar heart rate monitor.  It gives a total number of calories burned for each ride which is a good indicator of how much work I did.  I wasn’t too surprised when I saw the highest total was RACK it felt like the hardest ride.  It clocked in at 6500 calories.   I pushed myself to a new record heart rate of 190 on that ride and pushed paces way beyond my comfort zone for way to long.  The fact that it rarely had a flat stretch of road also helped.   

I actually did think that the 3 state 3 Mountain Challenge would be the most difficult and according to the numbers it was a close 2nd.  If the final mountain and ten miles hadn’t been closed because of tornado damage it would have been the hardest by far. 

The week I did the Tour de Kota I burned over 20,000 calories riding.  Which is far and away the biggest week ever for me. 

Next year I’d like to spend some time in the mountains, probably won’t happen but maybe if it does I can surpass this year’s ride.


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3 Responses to 2011 Barn Door Awards: Hardest Ride of the Year

  1. Steve says:

    One of the few advantages of being heavy and out of shape is you can rack up HUGE calorie numbers. Despite those advantages which I have over you, I came nowhere close to 6,500 calories in a ride this year. Well done!

  2. Jason Armes says:


    I’d like to do some riding in the Mountains next year. Maybe we can plan to ride one of the Tours in Colorado next year. It looks like be doing 3 week long tours next year. I’m thinking about doing one in the Spring, Summer and Fall. I don’t plan on doing GOBA if I end up doing one of the Tours in Colorado.


  3. Matt Gholson says:

    Jason, lets keep in touch on this, if I can loose about 20 pounds I think I’d be in!

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