Yesterday I got an extra day off this week because of Thanksgiving, by the way happy thanksgiving.  It was a cold and damp day yesterday, mountain biking was out of the question and road biking didn’t look real fun either.  I decided it would be a good day to work on a couple of projects. 

My workshop was a complete mess, so I started with that and since I just got a new Helmet Cam I thought it might be fun to try a time lapse video of me cleaning up the shop.  Later that day mom came by and we ended up doing a short ride, it was better then I thought it would be.

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6 Responses to My Day Off VIDEOS

  1. rlhoover says:

    Riding with your mom, how wonderful is that?!?! We have kinda been on the other end of that when our son has ridden with us. We are both blessed, Matt. Have fun riding with Mom. -Ron

    • Matt Gholson says:

      Yeah my Mom is unlike alot of women riders I’ve met. Usually they are happy to take a easy social pace ride and hang in the back. My Mom wants to ride with faster people and gets mad if she can’t keep up. She’s a strong rider!

  2. Mike the coal miner says:

    Wow that is a clear picture, would make some good hiking videos to i think,Im on the River to river trail board with Brian deneal my section if from The Garden of gods to Herod, do you have a facebook page? lots bike related stuff on facebook

  3. Matt Gholson says:

    Thanks, yeah the GoPro would be very good for hiking videos if you wanted a hands free camera and the super wide angle keeps jitter down.

    Nope no facebook page, maybe one day LOL.

  4. ED says:

    Looks like you were working you mom hard. Is that why she dropped you at the end.

  5. Matt Gholson says:

    Yeah she got her revenge near the end. But honestly if you don’t ride hard she just rides off and leaves you.

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