Lord, save me from temptation


What does a man do when faced with the prospect of two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched between a huge gob of thick rich buttercream icing.  We live in a world that creates two chocolate chip cookies and huge gobs of icing stuck together, how can any man who wants to lose weight and become a super fast rider make it in a world like this. 

What’s even worse is this insane confection cost 50 cents.  There it was on the bakery clearance rack of my local supermarket.  It was supposed to be 2 dollars.  For 2 dollars I would have just walked away, but 50 cents.  I tried to walk away but I was hopelessly drawn back like a fat moth to a diabetic flame. 

I ripped open its cellophane compartment in my car on the drive home and after several bites became disgusted with my weakness and wung it out the window at passing cars.  Good lord give me strength!  

In other news here’s another photo from this weekend’s group ride.

About Matt Gholson

Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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2 Responses to Lord, save me from temptation

  1. Steve says:

    LOL! I’m beginning to come to the realization that no amount of cycling can overcome bad diet. This is a particularly tough time of year for dieting, so good luck! Also, you’re a better man than I am. I would have destroyed that tasty treat and licked the celophane packaging!

  2. rlhoover says:

    Boy, do I know the feeling. Just the morning, a salesman brought in about a dozen sweetroll, etc., and I Failed!!

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