The Ruby

The standard pre pride self portrait

I went on a group ride at the Ruby today.  The Ruby is actually several different trails that offshoot from the River to River trail that crosses the entirety of Southern Illinois.  Its called the Ruby because the best offshoot goes by a very tiny rocky ledge that may have at one time had water running over it and somehow it got the name Ruby Falls.  Its important enough for the Forest Service to place is a sign there that says Ruby Falls.

Here's some of the crew getting ready.

I rode my full suspension Trek Fuel EX with 26 inch wheels and immediately noticed the difference.  At slower speeds rocks that I would roll right over cause the bike to hiccup.  At higher speed the suspension soaks up just about anything you throw at it.  My problem is I don’t usually ride at that kind of speed.  Then when you stat climbing you can feel some of your energy being sucked into the suspension. 

Our Group lined up in an orderly fashion.

We had a big group of 10 riders and I expected this to be a social ride.  Not a bad thing, just a bit more stopping, talking, waiting.  Turned out after a few miles of easy warm up pace it got pretty fast and stayed fast with very little down time.  It was a great ride and I’m glad I went. 

I'm pulling into the trailhead and just about ready to fully bonk. I was cooked.

In other news the sunrise was spectacular this morning.  Thanks standard time! 


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2 Responses to The Ruby

  1. Hey Matt Mt biking looks fun can you ride anywhere in the Shawnee as long as its not a Wlderness or Natural area? My weight loss goals took a hit this month i did not gain any back but i did not lose any either guess i need to eat even less or i could exercise more i guess, damn sure was a lot easier putting it on than taking it off!

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    There is a bit of a learning curve if you haven’t done much off roading. but its very fun. Yeah Wilderness areas and Natural areas are off limits, and believe it or not Conservation Agents will stop and warn people parked near these areas that they can’t ride there. Sometimes we get close to them but none of the people I ride with ever get on them.

    My weight hasn’t changed in months, just stuck at 232-235.

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