Hanging around Buzzard’s Roost

So my normal Saturday routine was thrown all out of whack thanks to my wrist, but I didn’t let that get me down, did a jog in the morning and then Shando and I went to Buzzard’s roost to do a little hiking in the afternoon.  Buzzard’s Roost is just one of the hundreds of 50-100 feet bluffs that have a nice view you’ll find in the Shawnee National Forest, nothing real special about it.  I attempted to do a stop motion animation, and didn’t get nearly enough pictures before the battery on my camera died.  Going to try again this afternoon I think. 

On the way out when we were nearly to the trailhead a carvan of horseback riders came thorugh riding in an unbroken line.    We had to get off the trail and wait for them to pass and Shauna got on to me for not being friendly enough but after the 14th time someone rode by one after another and said,  “Hi, nice day,” I was tired if saying, “Yeah sure is.”  It’s not that I’m anti-equestrian, in fact if it wasn’t for them most of the trails would probably grow over.  I just can’t figure out whats fun about bing in a 20 horse line and riding through the woods at a snails pace watching the horse in front of you.  I’m sure that they can’t figure out whats fun about riding a bike through the woods either.


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One Response to Hanging around Buzzard’s Roost

  1. Is it fun for the horse? That’s my question.

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