My first Surgery

Well I can scratch a few more things off my list of stuff that you end up doing that you really don’t want to do.  As I mentioned in my last post I’ve had this crazy sore on my wrist for almost a year that refuses to heal.  I went today to have an operation to see if they could fix it. 

I was told the worst part of a surgery was the stuff they make you drink before hand.  Oddly I didn’t find the stuff that bad, it was bitter and sour, but not as disgusting as I was told.  I was very worried about the IV ports, but that wasn’t bad either, just mildly uncomfortable.  Probably the worst part was the waiting.

I was given a bier block for my arm and a mild sedative, I was hoping to be awake during the procedure and maybe even get a peak at what the doctor was doing.  I was wheeled into the operating room and I remember sliding onto the operating table then being wheeled out with my arm all wrapped up.  I do have one strange memory of the doctor saying, “There’s nothing in there” my eyes opened for a brief second and a I saw an ocean of teal scrubs and was out again. 

When I was wheeled back out to the recovery room Dad told me that there was apparently some frayed muscle and tendon tissue that could possibly be causing the problem.  I hope it gets better.  Right now my wrist feels about as sore, or maybe even less sore, than normal.  I think I’m supposed to be careful with it for a while which means I probably shouldn’t ride.

My buddy told me that the Fat Tire Festival out at Glendale had over 200 people registered including him.   Seems like last time I went there might have been 100.  I read their web page for the first time and found myself chuckling.  It’s not that they made anything up, I admit is all true, but maybe just a bit exaggerated.


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