The Wrist Post

I just got a call from the President, the President of the Shawnee Mountain Bike Association.  Somehow he thought I was capable enough to lead a group ride on the upcoming Fat Tire Fest, the Southern Illinois Mountain Bike festival.  My first thought is you want me to lead a ride? are you sure?  My second thought was what the surgeon would think of me riding less than 24 hours after a surgery.

There it is.

Here’s my wrist story.  Last year I was riding a lot of icy snowy rides, on a few of those rides a I hit the deck and at least one time I landed hard on my left wrist.  I suffered some minor wrist pain.  Then I crashed on a road bike ride in a parking lot trying to put my gloves on causing more wrist pain.

Later that week I found a weird sore show up on the bottom of my wrist and its been there ever since, 10 months.  I’ve been to a couple of doctors and a dermatologist and finally now a surgeon and I have a procedure for this Friday.  Hopefully this will take care of it.  I wish it could be Mondat so I could go to the Festival.  Maybe next year.

I did a fun mountain bike ride yesterday.  I had to replace a chain, chain ring, shift cable, and bottom bracket cup before I could go ride.  Mountain biking in the Shawnee is like a battle, you’re going to need a big box of spare parts and a few wrenches.  This was my first mountain real mountain bike ride in well over a month and it left nearly every muscle in my body aching, especially my back.  Pedaling a mountain bike up steep rocky grades requires you to bend way forward and wrench the pedals by pulling with your back.  

Last two Saturdays I’ve taken laid back rides with Shaundo and my Mom and Dad.  Lots of fun but not a real good workout.  I’m OK with that because I think it’s about time to start winding down.  I’m feeling a strong desire to mountain bike, but road biking just doesn’t appeal to me as much right now.  In fact almost every road bike ride I’ve taken by myself recently has been almost like a time trial.  I don’t see a reason to do it except get a good workout, that’s a good sign I need to step back.  Anyway its fall, time to mountain bike.


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5 Responses to The Wrist Post

  1. Steveeve says:

    So, what’s the cause of the bump? I’m pretty sure your surgeon wouldn’t be excited with your plans, but what he won’t know won’t hurt him, will it? 😉

  2. JC Wise says:

    cowboy up! get some good pain killers and let it ride. yee haw!!!

  3. Matt Gholson says:

    I don’t think there will be much pain, but I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to ride with fresh stitches in my arm, don’t want some dirt to work in there and give me another infection.

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