This was going to be a big weekend.  About 2 months ago my buddy Terry came up with an idea to go to North Carolina and ride a part of the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend.  I thought that sounded great and immediatly signed up for the plan even though I had planned on doing a biathalon.   He had a few other guys in mind to invite and I figured we’d camp somewhere.  A few weeks ago it was looking like it might only be Terry and I and he was talking about renting a cabin, I squashed it right there.  To much money, can’t afford it. 

I got it in my head in July to do the Colorfest biathlon that takes place every year in nearby Anna IL.  I’ve been working on my running getting ready for it.  My pal JC who has done the ride before was planning on doing it again this year.  He decided he wasn’t ready for it this year, and I, as my wife informed me, “chickened out.”  My excuse was that I didn’t want to drive an hour by myself and pay 30 dollars for an event that would last less then 2 hours.  When I found out that the race begins with a mass start 5K before the 17 mile ride I started having doubts.  I would have been almost completely alone during the whole thing, by the time I finished many people would have already left. 

Wait there’s more.  My mountain bike buddies were going to a big festival called the Brown County Breakdown, which is near Bloomington Indiana on some of the sweetest mountain bike trails this side of the Mississippi river.  Problem with this event was the price tag, 125 bucks for one night camping, a meal, and a bike ride.  Kind of steep to me, even though everyone says it’s an awesome time.  I’ve been to a few mountain bike festivals before and they were interesting, kind of a cross between a rainbow gathering and a bike race.  You’ll see guys with dreds and bib overalls tooling around on a single speed bikes with 3 inch tires and guys in full racing kits tooling around on the latest carbon wonder bikes.  Problem is all those people on the trails usually just get in each other’s way. 

Any of these three events would have been epic, but what did I do instead?  I slept in and took a leisurely paced ride with my wife, Mom and Dad.  I didn’t go anywhere I’d never been, or push my body to new levels of pain and performance.  I did have a nice time that didn’t cost anything so that was definitely a plus, now that I’ve got the yard mowed, the clothes washed and the dishes done I’m sitting at home writing a whiny post. 

My mom came up with this idea that I do a 5k run then ride my bike 17 miles and see how long it takes me so I at least know about where I’d have fit in if I’d went to the biathlon.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll give that a try.

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4 Responses to Regrets?

  1. Lots of events sound kinda cool, but I’ve noticed that people only participate in those things that define them. It’s possible to change that definition (after all – we decided who we are), but until we do, we’ll find happiness most often when we “fit in with ourselves” rather than “pushing ourselves” outside the box all of the time. You write happily about riding regionally with your mom and dad and especially Shauna the great. I like when you’re happy. You’re a good friend and happiness suits you.

  2. I wouldn’t sweat it. You probably made more people you care about happy by doing what you did.

    Not every weekend needs to be epic….

  3. rlhoover says:

    Doesn’t look like a whiny post to me. You are just presenting life the way it comes to us.

    I am sure there are some of us who wish they could ride with their parents like you did.

    In this, you are Blessed.

  4. Steve says:

    Your first buddy bailed on you, your second buddy changed the plan for the event, and the third option really didn’t suit your tastes. Instead you enjoyed yourself. What a novel concept!

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